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‘Shraddha English’ embarked on English training which caters for different segments of people. We started our services in 2004 and have been successfully training in the same. Our training inputs surely empower the learners who studied in the medium of local language. Besides that, our unique training modules facilitate interactions in English easy for those who are working in various workplaces such as supermarket, hospital, at school. Railway station/ bus station, at parties and so on. We offer both pre-services and in-service courses, which are helpful for job-seekers as well as employees. We teach curriculum English to the students to score as good as any other subject. Our ‘English for trainers’ course helps the teachers to teach the students vocabulary and grammar and prepare them for examinations for a better score in English.

The learners will find many speaking activities very effective and interesting to improve their speaking skills. We clearly made it a point as to why most of us are reluctant to speak English in spite of being good at sentence formation. We suggest some strategies which can be helpful to ensure the learners to get over their shyness and inhibitions.

To begin with, we incorporate short and simple speaking activities so that the learners will not feel them like rigid prescriptions and gradually become confident and enjoy any long speaking activities. If the grammar skills and speaking practice are very new to the learners, we never promise them the Spoken English in a month or two. We give them practical and personal guidance and step-by-step advice so that they will build up their confidence and become accustomed to speaking. If the learners have the difficulty with spelling and pronunciation, we recommend them to enroll in ‘Foundation English Course’ which enables them to spell and pronounce the words correctly and confidently.

On the whole, all our courses can be relied on to fulfill your needs in terms of speaking English from very basics to the level of proficiency.

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Shraddha English was set up with the three people as trainers /facilitators from the same family.  After emerging as an exclusive spoken English training institute in Hyderabad, we have been imparting English speaking skills to the aspirants with great commitment and dedication. Since inception we have been committed to the policy that the learners should come out of every class with a smile. In case, they are found to be gloomy, we instantly hold counseling and sort out the disturbance.

We have made it a habit of doing so. So that the learners feel more comfortable to share with us because learning English is related to one’s psychology.  People have different conceptions as to English language .Most of the people who have a strong desire for English are often not clear about what  they really need. Some people are under misconception that they don’t need to   put in efforts. Contrary to that, they expect that the trainers will take the whole responsibility to make them speak. Some people, being weak in foundation level like spelling and reading they would look for the miracles happen in terms of speaking English, Hence there is a lot of confusion in learner’s head. There are several false beliefs in relation to English language in India which make the English aspirants prone to impractical thinking, resulting in an imaginary wish. The false beliefs, the people usually have are not being mentioned here so as not to create diversion.

When there is somebody at our counseling desk, we just listen first to what he/she say as to what their English needs are. And then we evaluate the possibility of fulfilling the need. We never try to promise the Moon by saying that it is possible for him/her to be able to speak English as simple as that. .Our very first job is to make him/her aware of his/her current level of English. We Help him/her out of imaginary wish and make them think practically. We strongly believe that if we have transparent honesty while dealing with people in any situation, they tune into us so that they will follow our instructions to get utmost benefit out of our services.

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We extend the services in three steps;

At the counseling desk: We pay keen attention to what the aspirant says. We get to know his/her  academic qualification and figure out  his /her mental attitude  as to whether he/she is serious   and committed to work on  English in a practical way   with the guidance of the trainer or expecting the same  without putting in efforts. The learner is never hurried into enrolling in some course .Unless one has clarity of purpose; he   is likely to   fail in his attempt. When an aspirant seems to be lacking in clarity, we give necessary counseling and try to get him/her on the practical approach. Most of the people who drop in for enquiring about English courses

Tend to ask the following questions:

Can I become fluent in English by the end of this course?  .or  wills the course guarantee us fluency in English? These are the questions we often

Face at counseling. Their intention of asking these questions is very clear that they want to get fluency, irrespective of their educational qualification and their current level of English. Besides that, they are quite skeptical about the result as to whether the course which they are going to do will work or not. Of course there may be many factors for this confusion. So we subtly deal with such situation and get the person to understand the fact. This is such a delicate situation that we have to deal with carefully otherwise the person would be dreamy  and reluctant to be practical. We believe that this is our very first job to do at counseling stage. We leave   the decision to them whether to join the course or not. Now it is totally up to them.

Spoken English Course

Let us think a while about other courses /skills like computer software /hardware, stitching, painting, typing, short hand writing etc… When people want to learn any one of the above mentioned skills and walk in an institute which offers the desired course, they never ask the counselor   as to whether they can become perfect in the particular skill by the end of the course.  As a matter of fact, they pretty know that undergoing the training and necessary practice will definitely bring them the desired results. They just know the fee particulars, batch timings etc…  And would never ask such a silly question. It is only the case mostly at spoken English institutes. In fact, the questions ‘can I become fluent in English by the end of the course? Or will the course guarantee us fluency in English? Which are often asked by the people at counseling   in the English teaching institutes   literally suggest an expression of doubt in a question mode? They are not at all expressions of enquiry. They would mean to ask whether it is possible to learn grammar, sentence-structures, vocabulary and fluency within a specified time. The element of doubt is

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But Virtually, in course of the training If the learner is serious about the course and committed to work on it with guidance of the facilitator, one can become so confident that he/she will be able to get on with English nicely wherever they are. But, after completion of the course one should put it in practice without hesitation and shyness.

The way how guide the people at our front office desk through our proper and apt counseling will positively help them to change their mindset in relation to English communication. After our proper counseling, once the person  gets clear about the type of course and  shows his/her willingness to enroll in it ,we will get to start our second step of service at the class room.

Our English course is divided in to three levels

(1) Foundation

2) Spoken English (step1)

English Plus (step 2)

Foundation English course includes spelling and reading practice. It is drilled into the learner through number of spelling and pronunciation worksheets. One to One class is conducted for this level. This course empowers the learner to be able to spell the Indian names of persons and places, spell and pronounce most of the English words and the learner will be able to read the text in English correctly and easily.

Step 1

Spoken English

This course consists of spoken grammar and frequently used vocabulary. We focus more on practical application of grammar. We train the learner in various sentence-structures which are framed according to language rules. In every class we hold oral as well as written practice based on the structures. General conversational practice is conducted day by day so that the learner will have an ample of tongue practice. This training enables the learner to converse in English Correctly and Easily. Those who had their education in the medium of local language are given extra focus. The words and phrases which are frequently used in our daily life are taught with their appropriate usage in the context. We conduct Personality development session every Saturday so as to remove nervousness in the learner to speak in English. We have very limited number of students up to 10 so that each student could be paid attention and every student will have a more opportunity to do oral practice. If there are many students at class, very few of them will get a speaking opportunity because of constraint of time and those who are more active and take initiative to speak, they will get the advantage and others will stay tongue-tied.

Each unit and lesson which is discussed everyday is thoroughly reviewed and there will be an interaction between the students and facilitator on the lesson every day.

Our main objective is to instill confidence in the students to communicate their ideas, information, and feelings in English. Hesitation and nervousness to speak English can be easily overcome through our regular oral and written drills and periodical motivation sessions. In spite of the fact short period  courses of 45 days or 2 months  may not make the learner  proficient in English, Our  sincere ,systematic and practical  inputs  will positively  work  the desired result in motivating the learners to be practical with English communication so that they will work on it even after completion of the course.

Step 2

Spoken English (plus)

This course is designed for those who are already familiar with grammar skills and those who are hardly in English speaking environment. This training program consists of short speeches, conversations and role play activities. Speech topics are given to the students one day before and asked to work on it. The text prepared by the student is checked through and necessary corrections and developments are made. Then they are allowed to go through the corrected version for a few minutes and asked to make speech in front of other students at class. Instructions are given by the trainer in relation with body language while making speech.

The conversational activities are held day by day based on different situations, occasions and events.

Role play activities are conducted thrice a week during the course by the trainer being a facilitator, spectator and a participant. The purpose of playing any character in an imaginary situation is to enable the student to learn the contextual usage of language and the role behavior. During the role play Sessions the trainer evaluates how the students are performing in the activity and suggest the accuracy when required so as to strengthen the student’s communication skills .Initially, we have a rehearsal where the students are guided with sentence structures and appropriate usage of words.

Interview skills: This training program is designed for the job-seekers as to how to handle a job- interview. The aspirants are trained in getting clarity of thought in terms of taking job and a few keys as to making a good impression at the interview in relation with physical appearance, deportment, speech and gestures.

The students are trained in planning every detail for the interview from entrance to exit. They are guided by the trainer as to arriving for the interview, what to do and how to behave during the interview, how to discuss salary and how to end the interview. Mock interview sessions are conducted in which the students are trained in frequently asked questions at the interview so that they will be able to get on well with confidence.

All in all, we once again emphasize that those who would like to improve on spelling and reading skills as well as communication skills and succeed in job interviews can get utmost benefit of our courses and fulfill their wishes.

We provide complete course material for all training programs. In foundation course material, the primary requisite for improving on one’s spelling is consonant + vowel tables and their work sheets

Which are given on the very first day of class and are worked at by the learner through which the learner will be able to write the spellings of Indian names of persons, places and things?

Unit wise work sheets which consist of spelling and pronunciation exercises, are given to the learner

Every day and meticulously worked on by them.  A booklet is provided in which meanings and pronunciation   of frequently used words are given in detail. The material also includes various spelling rules that enable the learner to build most English words.

The students are provided sheets of stories and news items and made to read through them aloud so as to develop fluent reading. The meanings of difficult words are also given below every story.

As for the Spoken English course, a book of 200 pages  is provided  which includes  various  structures of all kinds of sentences with examples,  5 forms of Frequently used  irregular verbs and ‘Test  yourself ‘ sheets and meanings of commonly used words with  appropriate usage. Specially, those who studied in Telugu or Hindi Medium will be provided Telugu/Hindi to English sentence translation assignment so as to make it easy for them to understand the language skills. Mostly For such students, the concept of all lessons is explained either in Telugu or Hindi.

As for spoken English Plus, practice sheets based on different situations, occasions and events

Are provided and worked on orally.

The key features of our courses at a glance:

  • Necessary counseling to get clear with the suitable course.
  • Level wise training programs.
  • Need based training.
  • Thorough oral and written practice.
  • Practice material.
  • Confidence boosting.
  • Limited students at class.
  • Wide Vocabulary.

And more………….

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