A Few Lines About Us

Hello, Reader!

I am Shraddha Srinivas. Our Institute is located at S.R Nagar.

   I established  Shraddha English in the year 2004 and have trained 5000 people  and above. Even before, I used to teach spoken grammar to the school and college going students in a small room at my residence. Really I  regard  it as  a strong platform for me where I  got to know as to how I could deal with different  English enthusiasts.  And also, the initial days of teaching English helped me  to realize the fact that speaking English is more related to one’s psychology than mere tongue and mouth. During those days, I got to learn a few lessons from some people who contacted me to develop their English. This really inspired me to  give my full time to teaching English courses and so my small part time activity of teaching turned in to full- fledged institute.

Our  Unique Courses Tell About Us

I found it funny to hear some people asking for Spoken English in spite of their actual need for improving on spelling and reading skills.  They may be under impression that ‘Spoken English includes all levels of English skills. It feels catchy and  became a brand name for the most English lovers. As a result, I decided to offer a” foundation English course”for the ones who are not good at spelling as well as reading skills.

   Besides, I happened to teach the people who hardly had knowledge in Basic English grammar. Hence, our Basic Spoken English” is ready  for the ones who studied in local language(Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada….).  and who neglected and ignored grammar at their school or college. And I came across people with good knowledge in grammar and are not able to speak out confidently  because of some inhibitions and lack of speaking practice. For such enthusiasts I have designed Spoken English plus”. 

   Above all, our Counselling session  helps the learner commit to learning and  overcome the hesitation to speak. Our  professional and  committed trainers will deal with it.

Our Exclusive Training For The House Wives

   Besides, our hands-on special training program for house wives empowers the learners to speak English at their kids’ parent meeting and find it easy and confident to teach their children at their study desk.