Basic Spoken English

Basic Spoken English Through your Mother Tongue

  Although the learners have to develop their English skills , most English enthusiasts feel comfortable if the training is done through their mother tongue. We are glad to say that our trainers can deal with the course through not only  Telugu, but also Hindi, Tamil and Kannada.

You can assess yourself and choose the course  by the following  possible answers to the question in relation with  spoken English .

What is your educational qualification and level of English?

(1)  I studied up to school final in Telugu medium.  I can spell and read English but hardly have knowledge in English grammar.

(2) I had my education in the medium of local language through out. (Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, or Tamil) basically, I am weak in English Grammar. I used to score poor marks in English subject. I felt that It was a devil  during  my school and college days.

(3)  I have done my graduation in English medium.I can manage with spoken English  but I want to get myself thorough with grammar and sentence structures.

(4) My son/daughter is studying at school. He/She is lagging behind English grammar. I want her to improve on grammar skills.

This training program of two months, is designed for the one who is of low academic qualification or who come from Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/kannada/ medium back ground. Besides,this course is for the ones who want to focus on grammar skills in detail.

Contents Of Basic Spoken English

In this course, the learner works on

1(a)10 language items with which sentences are formed.

(b) Kinds of sentences

(2) 125 sentence structures and Above  which enable him/her to make a correct sentence in an easy manner.
(3) written and oral exercise.
(4) Small & Easy conversations.

(5) Frequently used commands

(6)Frequently used action words

(7) List of Irregular action words and the work sheets

(8) Bridge words with examples