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Calligraphy is a decorative style of writing. The writing instruments are different from those of regular text writing the letters look like a design and are executed with a broad tip instrument, dip pen or brush. This style of writing is used to give an attractive and skillful form to something written information, instruction, warning…Etc which needs to draw reader’s attention.

It can be used in project reports which have to be submitted by the professional students for the main and side headings to look more impressive and also in the marriage and event invitations, .maps, all types of certificates and other written works.

Shraddha’s one 2 one calligraphy training course

Ours is a well established English training institute which includes cursive and print hand writing. We have been training in English and hand writing courses for the past 12 years.   Regular as well as weekend classes are conducted throughout the year. We have trained around 5000 people in cursive and print hand writing and succeeded in changing their handwriting into the best manner. Many students gave the feedback saying that they were praised by their teachers and some could improve their score in examination by virtue of good and neat hand writing.

Course details for Calligraphy Classes 

Course duration: 20 days (regular 1 hour) or 8 Sundays (2 hours per class)

Course material is provided

Class duration:   1 hour (regular)    2 hours at weekends

To know more about course details and fee structure please call  +9181434 44110

We also offer Online Training for Calligraphy