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Needless to say that Internet plays an important role in our day to day life. Nowadays, all courses that you choose to learn are offered on-line. And so is with developing spoken English skills on-line. Moreover, people can Learn English on-line from anywhere in the world. Besides the class room training, ‘Shraddha English’ offers one- on- one English Online Training for the employees, job-seekers, House-wives and school/ college going children through their native languages.

On-line Training Through Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada

Exclusively,We train the ones who wish to develop English skills through their native languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil.

We offer two types of on-line training :

(1) Communication English : 20 hours
This course consists of different speaking activity modules of which the learner gains clarity and confidence and also gets over hesitation to speak.

Contents Of the Training   

(a) Brief study on Sentence structures (b) Interactive sessions (c) narrations (d) Descriptions

  (2) Spoken Grammar + Speaking Activities: 35 Hours

The course includes :

(a) Sentence – structures

The learner on-line is drilled in to around 125 sentence -structures which empower him/her to give/ask for an information about various situations given below.

(1) Present permanent Actions(2) Present Temporary Actions(3) Present+past Experience(4) happened actions in the past(5) Completed Actions by present(6) Intended actions(7) Planned actions(8) Continuous actions in the past(9) Used to(10) Can & could(11) Have to,Has to,Must,Had to & Should (12)Passive sentences(13) Indirect Sentences(14) Comparisons (15) Combination Of Sentences(16) Direct Commands(17) Indirect Commands

(b) Written & oral practice

 (c) Short speeches

The learner is asked to make a short speech about a given topic in a short span of time.It’s a good exercise for the speaker to convey the core information.The trainer helps the learner not only  frame the correct sentence but also the way how to put it in a    brief, simple and clear manner possible. Your speech won’t be effective unless it impresses the listener.

 (d)Real-life conversations.

We hold around 10 one-on-one mock conversational snippets to build up the confidence in the learner.

our Simple Strategies of Our Conversation Practice enables the learner to get out of the nervousness to talk to people face-to-face.

What do You need to do the on-line course?

There are very simple and small things you require to learn English on-line such as:

*An affordable fee
* An internet connection
* An Hour a day
* An Enthusiasm to learn