House wives’ English

 Obviously, house wives involve in multi-tasks like house-keeping, cooking, teaching their kids and so on. Most housewives feel nervous  as to how they can manage to speak in English with the class teachers at parents’ meet at their kids’ school. Also, they at times find it difficult with English while teaching the kids at home. Hence is this House wives’ English.


This is a unique training module for the women(Housewives) who are at home and  focused on children’s studies.  out of his course, housewives get themselves acquainted with the four basic skills of English Language such as spelling, Reading, writing and Speaking with ease and confidence.

 Contents Of The  House Wives ‘ English Course

This innovative training program includes:
Tips to spell the English Words
Spelling rules
Spelling Exercises
Pronunciation of the frequently used English Words
Pronunciation Worksheets
Reading stories and News Paper
commonly used words and their Meanings
 Grammar Skills

This includes language, items, Kinds of sentences , Tenses, Active voice and passive Voice, Direct and Indirect, Degrees of comparison…etc.
Sentence Structures

When you render any idea in a situation, you need to follow the structure. There are around 125 structures which help you to frame a sentence in English correctly.
Oral & written Practice
In this practice modules,we provide oral and written translation exercises (from Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada – English)  so that the learner   could  remember the sentence structures to speak in English with comfort and confidence.

Short Speeches

They include Daily/ Occasional activities, Memorable Events, Shopping experience, Events like, wedding, Birth day/ marriage day celebration ….Etc

Real Life Conversations

We hold mock snippets of conversation which usually  happen at restaurants, Railway station, Bus stops, Movie Theaters , Between mother and children, Between wife and husband and so on.

Apart from common and general interactions,  we hold mock conversation of parents’ meet in order to instill confidence in the learner to speak in English easily.

The ‘house wives’ English course is an exclusive need-based training for women who have to teach English to their children and attend the parent’s meet at school and converse in English at shopping and the parties.