Job-Seekers English

Job-Seekers English | Job-Oriented English 

Job-Seekers English training program equips the learner with good communication skills and confidence  to face the interviews successfully.

You may be a an M.C.A/M.B.A or something and looking for a nice and suitable job based on the core subject you studied. And also, you may be good at technical skills but weak in communication skills. This may  result in lack of confidence in you and hesitating to face the job -interviews. Job-Seekers English is a need based training for those who feel nervous at the interview because of lack of confidence to speak in English with the interviewer.

What does the Job-seeker need before /while facing an Interview?

Apart from the required relevant  technical skills the job hunter should be aware of certain things while facing the interview.

(1) personal appearance

(2) Before-hand preparation for the interview

(3) Polite/Professional/Courteous behaviour

(4) Switching-off the mobile phone

(5) Avoid talking something irrelevant to the situation. And more………..

The contents of the Job-Oriented English Training

(1) The frequently asked questions at the interview.

The learner will work on the following questions which are frequently asked at the Interview.

(1) Tell me something about yourself.

(2) What do you know about our organization?

(3) Why do you want to work with us?

(4)What can you do for us that somebody else can’t?

(5) Why should we hire you?

(6)How long would you work with us?

(7) What do look for when You hire people for some job/work?

(8) What  important trends do you see in our organisation?

(9) Why are you leaving/ Why did you leave your present job?

(10) What do you think of ‘Boss”/ your boss?

(11) What are your long-range goals?

(12) What are your achievements so far?/ How successful have you been so far?

and many more based on current trend?

(2) What & How to speak with the interviewer in English.
 (3) How to stay confident @the interview.
 (4) Keys to get successful in the Interview.

 (5) mock-interviews / Practice Interviews


   mock-interviews / Practice Interviews

Mock – interviews are held here to develop the confidence level in the job-seeker. Before facing the actual interview,  every job-seeker should undergo a mock- interview. So that it provides him/her with better communication skills and confidence to face the interview successfully.