Kids English

Kids English

Kids mostly need to be good at grammar skills so that they can score well in academic English. Apart from that, they need to improve on their English communication skills. And some children find it difficult with spelling and reading. they tend to commit spelling mistakes and stumble over reading. ‘‘Kids English” training course improve on their spelling and reading power.
Here are our courses for the kids to fulfill their needs.

Courses Offered On ”Kids English”

(1) Spelling & Reading course (3rd to 10th Std)

This course helps the school children who struggle to spell and read. Spelling and reading are the common disabilities to the children. It is very important to address the spelling and reading difficulties so that they can convey good impression to the listeners.

This training includes:

(a) Spelling of the Indian Names of the persons, things and places according to Indian languages.

(b) different sounds of the Vowels (A,E, I, O, U) in different words.

Eg:  Bat   Ball     Baby   Bare ( The Vowel in these words are pronounced differently)

(c) Spelling Rules

(d)  Story  and News paper reading

(e) Spelling puzzles

(2) Academic English (6th to 10th)

In this program, coaching is given according to the curriculum syllabus.This for sure helps the child to gain good score in the examination.

(3) Spoken Grammar

This program includes grammar rules , and sentence structures which enable the child to feel confident while writing and speaking.

Contents of the course:

(1) parts Of Speech(2) Kinds of sentences (3) Tenses (4)Direct and Indirect(5) Degrees Of Comparison(6) Active Voice and Passive voice (7)  simple, compound and complex sentences(8) Imperative sentences
(4) Conversational English
This Course enables the learner to  speak English correctly and confidently.

The learners work on

The mock conversational snippets between(1) Father and Child (2) Mother and Child (3)teachers and Child(4) Principal and Child(5) Shop keeper and child and among the per group of kids.