Foundation English | Spelling & Reading

Foundation English | Spelling & Reading  For the Beginners 

  Are you a student / job-holder/housewife? And you are worried about being weak in spelling and pronouncing the words? or Are you stumbling over words while reading the text?  No problem! You can easily sort out your  spelling & reading issues.

                                                  Here we can train you!

Some of the employees, House wives and students often find it difficult with the most English words to spell and the text to read. This may at times land them in to an embarrassing situation. This  course is designed in order to cater to the need of such persons. They will surely improve on their Spelling & Reading skills through their native languages such as Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil.

Spelling & Reading skills | Pronunciation Skills

Our spelling course provides  practice through worksheets as well as memory aids to etch the spelling in to learner’s memory.

Considering basic requirement of the learners, Shraddha offers to train in the following modules.

(A) How to build the Indian naming words of persons/places/things.

This includes Alphabet, Vowel and consonants, Help charts of Vowel and consonant combinations etc..
(B) How to spell the frequently used words in our daily life.

In our daily life, we come across many commonly used words like names of groceries, fruits, vegetables, fruits and so on. This module empowers the learner to spell and pronounce correctly.
(C) How to pronounce the words.

We often hear people mispronounce the words since they got habituated to do so. Here are a few examples and their audio clip given below.

(1) Balloon 2) Dance (3) Garbage (4) Half (5) Certificate (6) Servant (7) Version (8) Birthday (9) Caste (10) Bottle

(D) Story reading drills.
(E) News paper reading drills.
(F) The meanings of the frequently used words

(G) Silent Letter words

How to remember the spelling of a word ?

Begin with two lettered words for you to spell easy and add other letter(s) before or after to build a meaningful word.

First work on the small and easy word   ”Is”   

   H+is= His; K+is+s=Kiss; M+is+s=Miss;P+is+s=Piss,H+is+s=Hiss;W+is+h=Wish

   Now with the word ”At”

E+at=Eat; M+E+at=Meat; S+E+at=Seat; F+E+at=Feat;B+E+at=Beat; N+E+at=Neat;

At+E=Ate;At+O+M=Atom  and so on….

Besides, there are different methods for the learner to facilitate the spelling easy.

This course enables the learner to feel easy and comfortable while spelling & reading English words.

  spelling & reading course through local language

The beginners always would choose to develop their spelling & reading skills through their their native language.

To  their comfort training is provided through Hindi, Kannada and Tamil apart from Telugu.