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Spoken English on Phone | Mobile Spoken English Training

You want to develop your English skills!
But you don’t want to get stuck up in the traffic jam!
And want to avoid the pollution!
Here, we are to teach you Spoken English on Phone if you just have a smart phone.

 Who is  ”Spoken English on Phone” For?

”Spoken English on Phone” course is for the housewives who can’t move out of the house for some reasons. And also, for the job holders and business people who require only need- based training.

Most people are afraid to answer the phone When they hear someone speaking in English. If you often practice speaking in English on phone/mobile the fear of talking on the phone will disappear in a short span of time.This ”Spoken English on Phone” course  will enable the learner to get over the hesitation and fear.

 Why do the People stumble over words while speaking on phone?

Most people find speaking English difficult on phone.
Why? Because the person who you are speaking to is not in front of you.When you are speaking to a person face to face you express your ideas though not only spoken language but also your body language (facial expressions and moving your hands and body).

  Contents And Main features of the course

Course Duration: 30 Hours; Class : 60 min

Lesson Discussion – 40 min/day

conversational practice and Short speeches – 20 min/day.

It enables the learner to get over the hesitation and fear and gain the fluency in English.


When you are at office or somewhere,

You are speaking to someone in English or writing/mailing

And then you stumble for want of suitable words or formation of a sentence,

You can  note down in the small scribbling pad

And  discuss it with the trainer on phone then and there or sometime later.