What / Why Is Spoken English plus

The Spoken English Plus includes Spoken Grammar+ Ample of speaking practice + How to improve English Communication skills

In fact, there would be no one  on the face of earth who does n’t need English communication skills. Most people use English more or less irrespective of their academic qualification or medium of education. But, in spite of knowledge in English grammar some people feel nervous to express their ideas in English. Because one needs to be in English speaking environment to come out with an information or feelings. That is why Spoken English Plus course is designed to cater the need of the ones who have studied in English medium and are still not confident to form a correct sentence and speak.

     Who Is This Course For / Eligibility  For Spoken English Plus

Are you a graduate / Under graduate from English medium background ? :  Yes

Are you a + 2 or below and good at  English grammar? :     Yes

 Are you able to form an English sentence to some extent, but not able to speak confidently? :   Yes

  And also, for the ones who have a little knowledge in grammar and formation of sentences in spite having studied in the medium  of Telugu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada. This training helps the learner to overcome the inhibition and hesitation to express his/her ideas in English with ease and clarity.

      Contents Of The Course 
(1) the sentence structures

We train in 125 structures  based on different situations in our daily life. They enable the learner to form an English sentence correctly.

(2) Real life Conversations

They encompass some mock snippets of conversation between two people at the bus stop, railway station, Grocery shop, at home, at the movie theater  and so on.
(3) Short speeches

We hold 5- Minutes speeches about the daily activities, past events, important occasional activities like festivals, birthday/ marriage day, ambitions/aims/goals, and descriptions about things and institutions.

 Tips to improve your English Communication skills

Three things should be considered to be the most important for one to Improve English Communication Skills. They are Listening,reading  and Speaking.

These days, English skills have become indispensable. And so It’s a king of the languages. Although you set aside a while and work on English regularly, you lack in confidence to speak because of some reasons.
In this course,we provide a few worth-following tips for the learner to better his/her English communication skills.